Camps. Learning doesn’t have to stop when vacation starts! Our camps provide an ideal opportunity for students to participate in themed activities that encourage skill-building while having fun.

Our Camps



Classes. When you enroll your child at Redwood Montessori, a rich and exciting learning experience awaits. Our classes include Early Primary (2-3 years) and Primary (3 – 6 years).

Our Classes:

Welcome to Redwood Montessori Academy, where children from age 2 through Kindergarten learn, grow and thrive! We provide a supportive and stimulating learning environment to prepare students for on-going success. Our Montessori-based curriculum builds skills and knowledge across a broad range of disciplines. We instill a lifelong love of learning and help our students grow to become independent, confident, creative, and caring community members.

About Redwood Montessori

What makes Redwood Montessori such a special place? We believe that every child is capable of great accomplishments when given the proper opportunities, environment, and support. Since 1996, Redwood Montessori has provided a rich learning environment for eager students. We offer hands-on learning with individualized attention and guidance. Our focus on the “whole child” builds academic skills, personal skills, and social skills. Our students have made successful transitions to both public and private schools, accelerated programs, “gifted and talented” programs, and early admission to higher grades.

Our Faculty

Our teachers create a rich learning environment that encourages exploration and discovery. Smaller class sizes enable us to focus on each child’s unique abilities and potential. We encourage curiosity, creativity, and imagination, and we promote independence and self-reliance. Our teachers meet the highest standard of excellence and constantly demonstrate their on-going commitment to the education and growth of children.

Our Curriculum

Redwood Montessori follows the philosophy and techniques of the Montessori method of education. This is a time-tested, proven curriculum with unique materials designed for eager minds.  The lessons and materials are carefully designed for the age, ability, and interest of each child, beginning with basic activities and progressing to advanced work. Every student is treated as an individual and allowed to move forward at his or her own pace. We help each child succeed, and no child is ever held back, pushed ahead, or left behind.

Our program offers a broad curriculum that includes reading, writing, communication, foreign languages, math, history, geography, culture, science, music, and art.

Our Classes

Classes are mixed-age groups, based on the unique development stages of children. Younger children enjoy the benefits of having older children as mentors and role models, while the older children gain additional confidence and maturity by helping their younger classmates. The curriculum extends across classes and age groups, so that every child can work at his/her own level and abilities. Please visit our Classes page to learn more!