Mini-Camps: Winter and Spring Educational Programs

Our mini-camps provide a fun educational program in a relaxed setting in Rockville, MD. Hands-on activities let students explore, create, and discover while making friends and learning new things. Each mini-camp will focus on a theme or topic related to the season.

The mini-camp day starts at 8:00 a.m. Parents can choose half days until noon, full days until 3:00, or extended days to 6 pm.
Our mini-camps are open to all students from age 2 through 12. For children who do not currently attend Redwood Montessori Academy, additional information (Health Inventory and Emergency Form) is required with registration. All paperwork is due one month in advance.

Mini-Camps during 2021-22:
Half day = $170; Camp day = $220; Extended day = $280
     Winter Break 2021: Dec. 27-30, 2021
     Spring Break 2022: Apr 11-14, 2022
Mini-Camp Registration 21-22

Mini-Camps during 2022-23:
Half day = $170; Camp day = $220; Extended day = $280
     Winter Break 2022: Dec. 27-30, 2022
     Spring Break 2023: April 3-6, 2023
Mini-Camp Registration 22-23