Summer Camp in Rockville, MD – Weekly Themes

Summer Camp 2020 information will be available in December 2019.

Summer Camp 2019 – Space: The Summer Frontier!
At Redwood Montessori Academy

Weekly Activities

Our camp is just plain fun!
Our students enjoy lots of play time and fresh air, plus engage in exciting, hands-on activities that let them explore, examine, and learn! We combine Montessori lessons with group projects and other activities to inspire students all through the summer!

Our enriched classrooms provide a variety of learning materials. Our creative staff will also offer new and inventive projects every week.

Each week’s activities will include: hands-on science; engineering projects; arts & crafts; food projects; fun with numbers and shapes; outdoor play; water play.

Students may attend one, several, or all weeks of camp.

Week 1: June 3-7 and Week 2: June 10-14

     Astronaut Training:  We start the summer preparing for our outer-space adventures – learning about forces, flight, the sun, Earth, and the solar system, preparing ourselves with physical fitness, and getting ready for a long, long trip!

Week 3: June 17-21 and Week 4: June 24-28

     The International Space Station:  Our trip to space begins with a visit to the I.S.S., where we learn about living in micro-gravity and perform important experiments!

Week 5: July 1-5  (No camp on Thursday, July 4) and Week 6: July 8-12

     On the Moon:  What is it like on the moon? How will we live there? With an understanding of basic human needs and the limits of living off-world, we will plan our own moon colony!

Week 7: July 15-19 and Week 8: July 22-26

     Mission to Mars:  Mars is the next great adventure! What will we find there? We will follow the rovers, look for water, and investigate the possibilities of terra-forming the red planet!

Week 9: July 29-August 2 and Week 10: August 5-9

     Out There!  After studying the stars and constellations, we will consider the possibilities of life beyond our Solar System. Is anyone else out there? Can we talk to them? What would another planet look like? What would extraterrestrial life be like? We will really use our imaginations this week!

Week 11: August 12-16

      Coming Home:  What will life on Earth be like when we return? Will things change in the future? We will talk about all the things we love about home and celebrate the end of camp with a homecoming party!


Registration is due March 29, 2019.

All activities will be led by our school staff. Staff:child ratio = 1:10. Activities may vary depending on weather, available materials, staffing, and the ages and abilities of the participants.

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